Love your light

Some days no matter how much I wish to remember it, I forget about the light within. Even more so when the windows of my kitchen are opening on the rainy treasures of a wet afternoon. Thankfully I have photographs like the one above, taken a week ago to remind me that light is everywhere.

On those grey and wet Autumn days when my spirits are craving for sunlight, I turn inwards and  smile. I know beauty is all around me to be discovered and it is my artist’s calling to find it.

So here I am telling you Vancouver, I love your light whether be it on warm and sunny afternoons or  on these grey rainy mornings.

How about you dear friend, do you love your light? 😉

Light Wisdom Inspired by a Sea of Vietnamese Lanterns (


  1. I am still looking for my light – but happily bask in the light that others around me cast. I am an appreciator – and there is just so much for me to do just that.
    I loved this post, and the photo’s illustrated it to perfection. Thank you.


  2. This is a post after my own heart. After all I am an autumn sign and this is my favourite season, especially in the UK. I love your photos and the accompanying text, Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.


  3. Sometimes I make the mistake (or is it just that I’m weary?) of not letting my light shine and I feel so incredibly drawn and sluggish when I do that. Today? The sun is shining, I’m soaking up the light in your beautiful photography and I’m reminding myself that Toronto – you are all that!! xo


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