Write it with your heart

If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it. Anais Nin

This beautiful crow seemed to be talking to me when I took its photograph. Creeping closer and closer to take my shot did not make him move, on the contrary he seemed to be waiting, wanting to tell me something. Earlier in the year another crow posed for me. On the way back home I had been wondering about the crows’ message and while looking at the photograph I had taken, I suddenly got my answer. This. was. their. message…Or so I would like to think 😉

…What ever it is you want to do…Do It with your heart… 

As you might have read last Sunday’s post was excruciatingly painful for me to write yet would have been even more painful NOT to write it.  On the day I started to put my thoughts about this tragic event on paper, the flow of what I had to say was seamless. No more hesitation, letting all my frustration and fear out was how I went about it.

The end result was surprising it felt somehow as if written through me, not by me. Such a revealing experience. In keeping with what I learned that day I am trying to better listen to those inner whispers that often tell me what to write about. Growing confident and scared at the same time is a running theme this year. At the same time embracing this gut wrenching and gnawing pain is allowing me to be free. It is quite liberating to face my doubts straight on knowing that they wont get the better of me. The struggle remains yet this time I feel I have a fighting chance.

Before I go, dear friend tell me…Am I the only one thinking crows are “messengers”? 😉

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  1. nice…there are def times the words just come and we are their slave and they do what they want…and there are times we have to work for every letter of a single word…both can come from the heart…but you are right in that if it does not come from the heart it is easy for the reader to see…smiles.


  2. Oh how I love when it pours forth through you and not by you… I have felt that too at times- like I must write and it comes from source that is completely larger than myself I think. I am so glad you have had this experience and I do hope it helps you continue to feel free to express yourself. I dare say, it feels like you are transforming before our very eyes 🙂


  3. Writing from the heart, from the soul reaches out. Reaches out far beyond the medium in which they are read. A gift from the writer – to not only the reader, but to all that they touch as well. Circles in a pond.
    And yes, so much that I see in nature has a message. A message I try hard to hear and to act on.


  4. i have missed you, too. i have been off in la la land, not really sure what i’m doing with my life. because of that, i have been reading very few blogs and have been commenting even less. but now that i’m here….your new blog is beautiful and your photos, words and quotes simply wonderful. enjoy this creative endeavor of yours…..xo


  5. Writing where the words come and you don’t think about how or where they come from … those words are being given to you. I firmly believe that. And it’s a joy and a blessing when it happens.

    I do think that crows can be messengers, but then I think that a lot of what is in nature can be messages…it’s all about how we choose to interpret what we “hear”. xo


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