Autumn, I love you so…

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”

Lauren DeStefano, Wither

A quiet melancholy envelops me as I walk around in the park nearby.

Quietly Nature is transforming itself and slowly getting ready for the big sleep.

Autumn and all its beauty is fading fast as the days are getting shorter and darker.

Colourful leaves slowly drifting away pushed by the cold wind blowing softly from the North.

My eyes are looking for the last beauties trying to capture them before they leave for another year.

A lonely drift wood’s colour adding the perfect contrast to the blend sandy beige of the beach.

Nature’s perfect colour scheme, one of my favourite too. Splashes of bright colours on a neutral canvas.

Autumn, I love you so


  1. Anyes, such a serene and lovely post. The accompanying quotations are also quite fitting. ‘Your’ autumn depicted here is one I am more accustomed to, having grown up in the Midwestern U.S. and Germany. Here in the high desert of Nevada, it’s quite different!


  2. I adore the softness of Autumn, but am also a fan of the crisp and clear beauty that is Winter. I delight in the skeletons of trees posed against the sky, and the tracery of ice on windows. That said, I am aware that our winters are on the mild side. Just the same I find it invigorating and beautiful.


  3. I am a bit melancholy to see it go. Color helps me feel alive and I am generally unprepared for the grey, white and black that is typically how winter passes. So glad you got to capture this last little bit of withering fall.


    • In regards to Winter,I feel exactly the same as you Vicky. Colours are I believe what really makes me love Autumn so much. I made myself a promise this year…I am going to learn to love it…We’ll see how I did this coming Spring 😉


  4. “..the big sleep” of winter… I love that description. I understand that bit of melancholy, too. The blaze of color is like the final glory but just for a season. Beautiful images!


  5. ah i love autumn as well….my fav time of year…all the color and crispness…..and driftwood is cool too…i love what the waves do in smoothing the wood and etching it…


  6. “the grand finale” — well, yes, in a way, it is…so it is. So this quote is making me think of the seasons as theatre…the theatre season ends with a grand finale, the curtain falls until the next production begins and winter is the rehearsal for what comes next. By the way, love the photo of the leaves in the water…gorgeous.


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