It’s almost here…

It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life.

P.D. James

In order to help Darling Daughter with the Writing 12 class she is taking, I walked around with her while she was blind-folded. The purpose of this particular exercise was to help with her creative writing. Stepping on the boardwalk by the river she felt she was walking on a xylophone. I thought to myself this would be a perfect exercise for me as well.

You see NaNoWriMo is back and I fully intend to give it another shot. My failed attempt last year is not deterring me. On the contrary I am even more determined to finish it through this year. I learned that it is only about writing the words and immersing yourself in daily habit of writing, rather that form or even content.

So with this in mind I have spent this Sunday afternoon, cooking ahead of time, so my evenings can be free to meet with the blank pages awaiting me. Showing up and being there to catch the glimpse of inspiration when it happens is the reason I am still trying. Struggling  and feeling the angst of the white page is part of the journey.

Being stubborn I am unwilling to bow down in defeat, so I am giving it another try. Be patient with me friend and wish me perseverance

There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream.  Author Unknown



  1. i wish you wings in your chasing
    and cheer myself hoarse in your corner:)
    (i remember doing that blindfold exercise
    in a creative writing class…….good memory)
    love the gingko leaves
    and you:)


  2. What a great exercise you and your daughter experienced!
    I’ve committed to NaNoWriMo myself this year, for the first time. A good friend has nudged me to go forward with it and I have to admit I’m rather excited!

    Good luck with your writing!


  3. I love how helping someone else can open doors we needed to open for ourselves…and I thought your daughter’s description of walking on the boardwalk was like walking on a xylophone was really creative! I wish you much success — and joy! — with writing for the month of November. xo


    1. This exercise was such an interesting one for me too. We even had agreed I would try it but the rain started again and we cancelled it. She did write something very insightful about the whole experience. NaNoWrimo is in two days…I can’t wait xo


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