Focus now! Will you?

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”
Alexander Graham Bell

One of the major obstacles I have while writing is the ability to focus. Aiming to write 1700 words a day, I have to be able to put my head down and start working on the blank screen. However, the reality of it is that  as soon as I would start to write, my monkey mind would begin to wander. Within a few moments I had to stand up and do something else. Checking my phone for a new text or a new email, looking around to see if there is something I had to do around the house, even checking to see what the children were doing. Needless to say I was advancing at a turtle pace.

Much to my surprise late on Friday I was given an unexpected remedy to my lack of focus. A friend and fellow contributor at Vision and Verb shared something amazing with us. It is called ommwriter and it turns out this was what I was desperately in need of. A very simple word processor that allows you to write while listening to calming music. The barren screen is easy to customize with simple colour and font choices. Just plug-in your headphones and away you go.
This simple download allowed me to immerse myself entirely in my novel and to stay focused.

Such a novel experience for me.

I am still in the beginning of it all yet I can already see how much I have improved compared to last year. The beauty of this is that I can tune out everything else for the allotted time I have to write (I use the timer on my phone). The background music keeps my monkey mind busy without being a distraction to my inspiration. I have even used it to write most of this post.

Try it if you like and let me know how it works for you.


Talk to me, I am listening :-)

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