Moving through the doubts

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. William Wordsworth

One of my favourite quote about writing…Chosen the very first day I started to blog two and a half years ago, still so relevant. So how is it I am still struggling today trying to plow through NaNoWrimo?

Very early, every mornings facing my laptop’s blank screen huddled under a blanket, while sipping on a hot cup of coffee I start to type away. For just a few lines or sometimes even for a whole paragraph, everything runs smooth and I am OK. The trouble starts when out of curiosity I want to read my story back. Out of nowhere, deep from within this insidious voice starts to criticize the way the words are strung together, the rhythm of the sentences or the flow of it all.  Telling me to erase every word I just typed, trying to destroy what I have just created .  It is a very strange phenomenon to observe. Refusing to listen, I save everything I type as I know I can not afford to pay too much attention to the content of what I wrote or how it all reads. After all NaNoWriMo  is mostly about quantity, hoping quality will come later, with the re-writes. I feel as if I am loosing my mind, tell me friend why do you think I agonize so much about it?

This week-end I am trying to just trust the process, of writing and…filling the paper with the breathing of my heart…

Wish me luck and enjoy your week-end 🙂

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  1. Wow..I know how you felt writing this. For me it is not so much my writing but trusting myself and my intuition. I’m hoping that by letting go and trusting…the doubts that put us down will become quieter..and finally silent (most times)


    1. I wonder if those doubts ever become silent yet I hope with time they are quieter, so quiet that we can finally barely hear them 🙂

      Trusting oneself is also a process that takes practice and I am still struggling with it myself even if I am better than I used to be 🙂


  2. Nanowrimo is tough. I’m not doing it this November but have in years past. Keep at it. Don’t read. Just write. Just trust. i DO wish you a good weekend of keeping at it. Slam the keys. Sip the coffee. Just keep at it till you get to where the words are. Writing is gut wrenching, at best.


  3. Why is it that those voices never pay us compliments? Self doubt’s voice is loud and clear. Sadly it also often lies. Very often.
    Perhaps one way of defeating it would be to not reread anything until the end of the day. Print it off at the end of the session, and shut the computer down. Walk away and do a few things which are completely unrelated. Then, if it is nagging at you, reread. BUT do not go back and make any changes – note them down and set aside some time perhaps at the end of the week for editing. Or later if you can last.
    Good luck – and have a wonderful weekend.


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