Where were you all those years?

Caring for your inner child has a powerful and surprisingly quick result: Do it and the child heals. Martha Beck

Struggling to find my written voice I kept on writing for NaNoWrimo in doing so, something very interesting happened to me. I met someone I had totally forgotten about for many years. A chance encounter, I had not really planned. While letting go of the control of my story, I discovered someone else knew the way. The little girl I was long time ago had come to visit me, to show me the way.

At first I did not even recognize her, she looked so sure of herself. She knew what she was doing, and kept on smiling, nudging me to follow her whispering, …you can do it…Not really understanding, I followed her lead and this is where I am now. Listening to this little girl’s voice in my head telling me to remember things I wanted to forget. I can now tell you that sitting down while writing I am having entire moments out of time, as if I am in a total different location. Time is still while stretching endlessly, it is a very confusing experience, yet I have to say I do like it.

The beauty of it all has to do with the fact that having seen her again is giving me a renewed sense of possibilities. It’s like I am offered access to those childhood dreams I had forgotten and I feel like it’s time to play and to explore. Fear is still there but it’s being tamed and I get to re-discover moments in time I thought I had erased from my memory. I will not be a winner for NaNoWriMo this year but the main gift I got this time around was to be re-acquainted with myself, my much younger self.

I wonder dear friend, are you still in contact with your inner-child?



  1. sometimes my inner child comes out to play, but lately she’s been
    busy being a jerk and not cooperating at all. i need her back. desperately !


  2. this touches my heart so deeply, friend
    …yes, I believe I encounter that little girl
    from time to time
    and have taken a great interest in her
    in my dreams
    ….she is becoming braver and finding her voice
    and it’s a joy to help her finally:)
    thank you for this beautiful, beautiful share.
    love you you and your little:)


  3. Being in touch with my inner-child??? I hope so, but I’m not too sure anymore.
    My childhood dreams has come true – I wanted to change everything of my childhood, that wasn’t really fun and quite lonely – I have been lucky in life – so the child I was at times, full of adventure, singing and creative is still in me, but I think the child has grown to an adult.

    A truly beautiful written … post.


  4. Beautiful Anyes and inspiring. What a great reminder as we walk this path as creatives that the younger us had a lot more wisdom than realized and she’s still there ready to share it all!!!


  5. I love those moments, and Anyes, you wrote it so very well, so poignantly and so beautifully. Our inner child knows so much…and yes, I am in touch with mine. Even on my profile here I say that my inner child is alive and well. I love that you and yours are communicating so wonderfully now.


  6. smiles…very cool…writing will def do that…allow you to see again your own memories in new light but also touch places within you that you havent in a very long time…smiles….again….very cool….


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