Come along now

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” Buddha

Some days traveling does not mean going very far; no need to pack any suitcases or to bring your passports. Security screenings are non-existent, it is the kind of travel anyone can indulge in. Are you curious? Come along now and I’ll show you  that  right in your own backyard might exist a world waiting to be discovered. Here is a bit of the world I am lucky to have close by. A world where I traveled to the other day during my lunch break 😉

Put on your rubber boots now, it’s a bit wet and I would not want you to get dirty. Please cover your face if those twigs come a bit too close. Yes be me guest and peak through those pesky branches so you can see the rumbling brook you keep hearing all along. Wait, let me show you since this top shot is a bit out of focus.

There we are…Aren’t you glad you peaked? I too was surprised to see it there, running all wild and singing in those quiet woods. I would have never thought nature was so close. Hidden a few feet away patiently waiting to be discovered. I was glad to have brought along Darling Daughter’s gum boots as some of the path was covered in a muddy mixture of fallen frozen leaves and grass. Imagine trying to discover nature in your working heels 😉

Do you see it too? The face in this tree trunk? It got me thinking about my novel wondering if there was a way I could fit a friendly giant tree trunk into it 😉 Funny how small details get my imagination running a thousand miles a minute it’s the child in me I guess. For a moment there I had forgotten I was on my lunch break and thought I was being chased by angry gnomes and was trying to escape when I had finally found the protection of this saving tree…Hmm this might be something I can write down in my trust notebook, for later use maybe…

Now where were we?.At the base of this strange-looking tree here is what was waiting for me

Just a few steps away from the brook this is what caught my camera’s viewfinder. Don’t those mushrooms look cute huddled together? I wonder if they are the good sort…You see I have to let you in a little secret I LOVE mushrooms, any type (well, preferably the edible kind of course) and these ones do look scrumptious don’t you think? In a frying pan with just a touch of butter, some finely chopped garlic and a pinch of cut parsley just before serving. I’m drooling all over myself :/

Next thing I know I looked at my phone and noticed it was almost time to go back in. So much to my chagrin here is the end of our travel together. Be sure to come again next time and I’ll see where we can escape away together.

Are you game, dear friend?



  1. Thank you for this glimpse into your enchanted backyard. You are so lucky to have access to this world and the eyes to see and appreciate it. Merci Beaucoup.


      1. Un peu. J’ai visite La France deux foi. Ooow, that is making my brain hurt trying to remember French. I was in Biarritz twice. Came close to La Rochelle, but never got all the way there. Got to Lacanau, though. I love South West France–Basque.


          1. Non, jamais. I was a shoe string budget surfer. Provence was too rich for my blood. Maybe someday soon, though.


  2. Your blog is so well put together – it seems like there’s an art within your art, which is extremely beautiful. I guess something like the art of mastering how to stroke a paintbrush being an art in and of itself while creating paintings… I hope I was clear on that… Your writing is extremely positive and I like it a lot. The photographs though, they add such substance and compliment the writing – just awesome. I’m still learning the blog thing and I hope to reach a lot more folks and someday have a blog that looks as good as yours. You are inspiring, please continue to create… it’s beautiful. Thank you.


  3. Oui, c’est un jeu auquel j’aime jouer, et comme toi, je me laisse prendre à chaque fois. Il est ensuite plus facile de reprendre le cours de la vie… Bonne journée à toi!


  4. ha thanks for the walk….was fun…love the face in the tree….i have similar in my post for tomorrow and sometimes you just need that change in perspective of getting out….


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