In the shower

Shannon Falls

Would be the answer I’d give if you were to ask me: “Anyes, Where do you get your inspiration?”

Going through the motions, in this private room my mind just relaxes and for a while I can hear myself think clearly. That is exactly when the magic happens. An idea will pop out, out of nowhere and at the time it does, I know…this is the one. More often than not, I will then start reflecting a bit more about it, until I visualize it clearly at which point most of the work is done…I just have to get it in writing and tweak it until it is to my liking.

It happened exactly this way for NaNoWrimo, which I am not winning yet again (only of 36000 words written, short by about 15000 words ). At the beginning of the month of November I wrote and kept on writing until one day I got stuck…nowhere to go…nothing left to say. That evening as usual I went to take my shower, and within minutes I had IT. The story line which I have been working on for the rest of the month. Having the time to relax and unwind allowed me to see everything in a new perspective. A light bulb moment I guess. Every time it happens I feel a deep sense of relief and gratitude. It always strikes me as a total surprise, which makes it even a bit magical. There you have it, how inspiration finds me on a very regular basis, day after day.

Now that I’ve shared my secret with you, will you tell me, dear friend where do YOU get your inspiration?


  1. The shower and I share many happy times (!) where inspiration and conversation take place and my mind is free to let thoughts come and go as they please!


  2. i wish i could answer that……it comes from deep down inside,
    a little flash of light or connection
    and it’s magic
    and almost NEVER happens the same way twice
    so formulas or patterns aren’t something i can lean into
    at all.
    i think i like that about it.
    it’s a nice mystery:)


  3. L’inspiration… c’est une petite effervescence, à l’arrière des pensées quotidiennes… un petit bouillonnement que je sens à peine grandir. Et tout à coup c’est l’éclair, instantané! Le sujet est là – il n’y a plus qu’à travailler un peu pour le mettre en forme. Mais il est vrai que ça ne se commande pas – et que je peux rester “à sec” de longs jours! Rien de ce qui te torture… Mais… je suis de nature paresseuse… Energique, mais paresseuse, oui.
    Boon dimanche!


  4. In the shower, puttering around in the garden (after which I often need a shower) and in the dark of the small hours of the morning.
    I love your header – the exuberance of the baubles against the stark simplicity of the branches is stunning.


    1. The important part is that inspiration comes to us anywhere we are…

      Those decorations were taken at the soccer field Sweet Son’s was playing at. I also loved how it looked against the grey skies. I thought it fitted the holiday season approaching


  5. i think we let our minds relax and it allows the ideas to flow honestly…mine is the same…i have to go do something innoculous and all of a sudden i have it…so i keep my notebook handy…and though you may not have finished in time, stay at it…


    1. Funny how our minds work…don’t you think Brian?

      The notebook is now following me everywhere, as I have found that it is a tool that has made such a difference in my writing life

      I can tell you I can not let the story go, no matter if NaNoWriMo is over…thank you for your words of encouragement, they mean a lot


  6. Usually on a walk. That’s where and when so often my flickers of inspiration come. Our minds, our brains, are so intriguing. So mysterious to me. Even when the inspiration needed is just a certain word or where I left something. When I’m trying real hard, it won’t come to me, and when I release it, it comes to me. Happy that the shower brought you the inspiration you needed. I know that feeling of relief and gratitude.


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