There you were

Behind my curtains

Looking at my windows, I am trying to see behind the curtains. I wonder which creature is calling, my eyes searching in vain for the little feathered friend I hear chirping. I know that it will be hard for me to capture him in my view finder. I usually do not manage to photograph birds well, no matter how hard I try. I keep looking still trying to see if I could only catch a glimpse. Slowly opening the dining room curtains, wanting to be as discreet as I can be I peek outside and this is what I see…

Pine tree branches

…The green branches of the pine tree in my backyard and I can hear the rain softly falling. A dull lullaby is brought on by the wind and close by I can still hear the persistent squeak that is taunting me outside. Will I finally manage to see which creature is calling at this time of the day. I decide to go in the backyard to see if I can better understand where this bird is. I must first go upstairs to grab my camera,. Once in my bedroom I go to the window and pull up the blinds to have another look. Smiling finally having solved my mystery I see him all alone on top of the tree and I say…

His words were...

…”There you were!” I am happy to have finally discovered who was doing all this chirping. It was very kind of you to choose to stay there, long enough for me to take two shots up close with my camera. I was a bit sad when a few minutes after you decided to fly away. I must say though I had fun trying to find where you were hiding. Thank you Mr. Bird, for this rainy Sunday entertainment 🙂

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  1. I love the pine tree – luxuriant growth, and am a touch jealous of the rain and the soft melancholy it adds to a day.
    The bird on the other hand is enchantment with wings – thank you so much. I too have often stalked birds, usually with very limited success.


  2. ha! I’ve done this so many times Anyes, tip-toeing toward the window, being as still as I can, trying to capture a bird. We have beautiful blue-birds here in Colorado – and i wasn’t surprised to see the little bird you captured in the very tip top of the tree branches. So interesting how they do that. What a balancing feat. Nice photo – I like the silhouette.


  3. I keep looking back trying to decide which photo I admire the most? But elements of all three really speak to me. What a clever post and I was delighted as well to discover you got such a great capture of the bird!


  4. nice…i like the texture you gave the picture…and you were rewarded for you game of hide and seek….smiles….love to listen to the birds…happy monday anyes


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