Care to continue?


…His headlights in the rear view mirror were still there

Heart about to explode, she saw the gas tank light was on,

Only two more blocks and…



  1. …she saw an opening. Wrenching the wheel to the right, her car leapt onto a side street. A harsh bang sent two metal trashcans careening into the brick wall on the passenger side.

    Without touching the breaks, she burst out the other side of the alley onto Fort avenue, thankful no cars were approaching to broadside her. Tires squealed in protest. She righted the car and checked her mirror again.


  2. (love your banner!!!!) I popped over from Vision and Verb…..just wanted to thank you for your kind words….and I’m SURE you remember how to knit (it’s sort of like riding a bike….maybe a bit shakey at first but still there!!!); I owned a yarn shop for a while….and can’t tell you how many folks came in—-claiming not to know how any more—-but had learned at an early age. Skills still tucked up in that grey matter…..which is what I’m counting on for the nursing home!!!
    now, I’m off to browse your blog a bit!!!


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