Tuesdays Toughts

Frosted light

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Marcel Proust

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  1. It’s already Thursday, gee where have I’ve been. thanks for the post, picture and quotes. As a gardener myself, everything I am grateful for but necessarily makes me happy.


  2. I am with Sherry. The warm and loving gardeners are balm for my soul – but the others educate me. Sometimes just in what not to do, who not to become – but that is important too.


    1. I agree with this too…learning what “not” to do or how “not” to be and learning from that to grow myself…and those who frown? I always feel they need to be reached…to be heard and listened to because the frown is there for a reason…


  3. Stunning photo- I love the blue and yellow in the background and snowy greens in the foreground- very clever shot! Your words marry so well to your photo~ so thankful for your perspective friend!


  4. Lovely quote…and you know, sometimes (and that’s only sometimes!) I’m grateful to those who make me frown too — they may not be like a beautiful garden and are more like the weeds…but they also water my soul…just in a different way! xo


      1. I see it like this — if I didn’t have the “weeds” to make me appreciate the truer beauty in the garden, then I wouldn’t know that the blooming in my soul was truly possible. xo


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