A blogger’s challenge

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.
Joshua J. Marine

In plain sight…the leaves are gone and so are the colours that brightened my days…

…the challenge I am facing as a photographer is to find something to focus on, that will feed my artist’ soul…

…walking about having almost given up this is what I come upon gently waiting for me…

…and once more I smile, knowing he was what I was meant to photograph…

…Any seasonal creative challenges you care to share with me dear friend?…



  1. Avec mes images du jour, le défi est, pour moi, quotidien! Je m’amuse beaucoup à trouver la photo de mon émotion ou de mon sentiment de la journée!


  2. Here in Oz, the heat is getting to me. I resent it. My MS thrives on heat, so I dread it. But, this too will pass.
    In the meantime although the grass is now crunchy and some plants have been lost in the garden, there are always things of interest growing, springing up. Begonias for one. And visiting birds.
    In winter, it is the elegance ot leafless trees which takes catches my eyes. Against grey skies or blue, their simplicity speaks to me.
    And the ducks you photographed here would ALWAYS inspire and delight me.


    1. Oh Soosie, How I wish I could send you a bit of our cold air so you would feel better. How about I take the heat you have so I can warm myself up?

      I am learning to love the simplicity of leaves less tree, the only things I have have to be pretty far to be able to get an interesting shot…

      I am so delighted you are inspired by Mr. handsome 🙂


  3. We all get a bit tired at this time of year… Over here, with only grey and snowstorms, I’ve only been out with the camera now and then…

    But there is great beauty and stillness in the bare bones of winter.

    Love the goose through the orange reeds!


    1. Yes I think we all are a bit tired :/

      It is the same here LadyFi, with all the rain falling, it is quite a challenge to be able to go out and take any photographs.
      I am slowly learning to appreciate Winter and it’s subdued beauties…You really know how to make Winter so attractive 🙂


  4. eh, earlier this week i went through a period of questioning why i write…i didnt have writers block, as i dont believe in it….i was just questioning why…i dunno why but i did..it was part of an overall darker shadow that kinda crept in…i got over it though..ha…i find focusing on life fuels my writing…


    1. It’s funny, I am going through the same period of questioning why I blog…write..photograph…
      I have an inkling it’s the lack of light that is the cause of all these somber moods…At least for me
      I have noticed that my first source of inspiration are my photographs…Very visual I guess. So when I find it hard to get the photograph I wish for, it’s a challenge

      I guess this is one of the reasons I love how you write Brian so much. Your poems about everyday life and all it’s beauties are like paintings for me…


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