How was your week-end?

There is little chance that meteorologists can solve the mysteries of weather until they gain an understanding

of the mutual attraction of rain and weekends.  Arnot Sheppard

Nights in the rainAlways such a loaded question in my house. It’s hit and miss. I plan to do so many things on Friday then come Sunday evening, most of them remain  undone. This week-end however, I am proud to say I made a list, I checked it twice 😉 and actually got most of the things I wanted accomplished.

The homecaring chores were done starting Friday evening, where laundry folding and putting away of said laundry ( the most challenging stage in our household) got accomplished. Saturday I got myself busy caring for Sweet Son who got a bit of a stomach flu. As I write this tonight he is back on his feet a bit weak but overall as good as new. Saturday evening was spent together watching TV as a family, a very rare feat. Sunday came faster than usual but I was prepared. I finally got around to put up our Christmas tree (better late than never, right ;-)? The children and I decorated the whole family room in view of our Christmas party/sleepover in about a week.

For the grand finale we end up going to our cousins’ house for a scrumptious dinner and some beautiful time together. I took this photograph on the way to their house and I have to say night-time rainy photographs are ones I enjoy taking the most. It’s always such a treat to shoot and see what you got.

What about you dear friend? tell me…How was your week-end?…


  1. I love your lights in the rain – glittering, mysterious, alluring…
    My weekend was a very mixed bag. Some of the things from my to-do list were completed, many more were added.
    On balance it was productive, but busy, busy, busy.
    And no – where did the year go. Last time I turned around it was July…


  2. It’s been a difficult weekend….with a feeling of communal grief, and I appreciate seeing some glitter and joy this morning, Anyes. We have to look toward the light.


  3. Doux et gris… un peu de jardin (très désagréable, avec de la boue), et une petite balade pleine de surprise que tu as vue chez moi. Un weekend pépère, un weekend d’hiver… Bonne soirée!


  4. Uh oh — stomach flu!! Been there…glad to be done that! And it sounds like only your son was down with it which is a blessing! Sounds like you had a productive and family oriented weekend…something very meaningful, especially this weekend past. We had rain and lots of it — and managed to finish decorating the tree (my husband did that!), put up finishing touches, and bring home our younger son from college (older one comes in on Wednesday night). Being with family, with those we love, whether family or friend…that’s what brings special meaning to this time of year for me.


  5. ah you take the good with the bad…ha….two boys with flu here….high fevers a late saturday trip to the doc…but moments as well of fun and care…hope yours feels better as well….already ready for the week to be over and be on break…ha…


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