Almost ready…

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.
Dalai Lama

Tinsel bits

My childhood Christmases were a blur of people coming in and out in the small house I grew up in. Cousins and aunts and uncles would come over for a few days and we’d all be together for the holidays season. The schools were closed and it was the prefect time to re-acquaint us with our extended family. My parents enjoyed having a full house and as a result I have been very eager to bring similar early childhood memories to my own children.

So here I am getting ready to host our own Christmas Eve party, having invited 5 couples and their children over. Some  of them will be going back home after the party and some will be sleeping over. It’s been a family tradition for the past 7 years and exception made last year when I went back home I have always been quite excited when the time to prepare everything finally arrives.

Lovely Husband took care of the grocery shopping for me so for the next three days I will start preparing and putting together this meal we will all share on Christmas Eve. As a bonus this year I will be off work until next Thursday and I am looking forward to putting my feet up once everything is done…

Right now, however I have a few more errands to run, a few more gifts to wrap and a few more dishes to prepare…I’ll be going now but not before asking you dear friend…

What are your holiday traditions? Tell me I’d love to know 🙂




  1. I miss the days of a houseful of people for the holidays! We are dwindling and spreading out I’m afraid. But its fun to see the things my boys have latched onto for their traditions… tiny things like their favorite ornaments, and climbing in the Christmas tree box to see if they still fit… barely- but youngest still does. Merry Christmas Anyes! I hope you have a lovely time with your family!


  2. While growing up we were a very small family indeed. No relatives in Australia, and none acknowledged anywhere. However, Christmas Day was open house for the lonely, the frightened and/or the unwell. A tradition I try and continue.
    Your celebrations fill me with awe – I hope it is truly wonderful for all of you, family and friends both.


  3. My childhood Christmas memories are of family being together as well…we weren’t a large family but we did see our cousins, aunts & uncles. And the neighbours — we always spent time with the family across the street…they would come over for “cheer” and food and to see our gifts and later in the day we would go over there for the same. I miss that. Now we are down to 4. Me, my husband and our 2 sons. So it’s quiet and we’re making our way (this is our 2nd Christmas as 4)…no traditions…but someday there might be daughters-in-law and grandchildren and new traditions will begin. Wishing you and your family a lovely, blessed Christmas Anyes, and enjoy that time with your feet up! xoxo


  4. smiles….we have an elf that comes to live with us for a few weeks prior to christmas…we did christmas with my parents last night…was much fun and hanging out with them today….we will head to bristol to see the inlaws the day after christmas…we always do christmas on our own as a family


  5. Good Morning, traditionally speaking it’s always a gather of family, friends, extended family, anybody who have no family, come one, come all. It’s an open door, a revolving door, never ending festivity to gather and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Have a blessed Christmas with Lovely Husband, Sweet Son and to the rest of your family.


  6. Haven’t created any holiday traditions yet, Anyes, but I do enjoy watching the anticipation of Christmas bubble over in my sons. I think I will start a tradition where my sons record why they are thankful for each gift before they open the next one.


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