Thankful Thursday

With arms outstretched I thank.
With heart beating gratefully I love.
With body in health I jump for joy.
With spirit full I live.
Terri Guillemets

Melting snow

…For the melting snow adding a stark contrast to the green branches in front of my window…

…For the past three days of preparation, enjoyment and trouble-free festivities…

…For this in-between time of reflection and the giddy anticipation of this New Year just around the corner…

…For you dear friend reading my words and letting me know how they made you feel…

… For this soft whisper I hear that guides me time and time again no matter how doubtful I get…

Thank You


  1. Thank you for this, Anyes. That quotation needs to be posted on my front door. Can you imagine how wonderful your days would be if you just followed those four steps everyday?


  2. I am thankful for so many things. For the cats, the garden, the early morning peace I am currently enjoying, the warmth and wonder I have found in the blogosphere…. For love, for acceptance and (greedily) for the very big pile of Christmas books I have to savour, to gobble, to enjoy.
    So many things…


  3. I’m thankful because finally today mum manage to get treatment for her eye inflammation – 3 hospitals and 5 doctors .. all because it has been Christmas.


  4. I too love and am enjoying this week “in-between”. I look back at the past year; not to criticize, but for understanding and truth. I’m contemplating what my “word” for 2013 will be. I’m feeling deep love and contentment. Thank you for your beautiful site, words and images Anyes!


    • Looking back is often very rewarding as one can see the past months in a different light and maybe learn of few things. Deep love and contentment are precious gifts Mary and I am so glad you feel this way.
      I am enjoying your praising and kind words more than you can imagine xo


  5. I’m feeling thankful in a similar vein — there is something quiet and refreshing about this time between Christmas and the New Year…these are days I always treasure. xo


  6. smiles…thankful for the season as well…been great to just have fun with fam and have a long break, we finally got snow yesterday, it was amazing…smiles…


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