28 comments on “January Post For Peace

  1. Awesome, Anyes – thanks for the link to Bloggers for Peace. Love, love, love it and you can count me in! Thanks so much for your contributions ~ peace one person at a time, and what a beautiful synergy of people! Many blessings ~


  2. Ohh, Anyes, this is extraordinary. Peace, like that marvelous sun, is just waiting to shower us with warmth if we just clear the clouds within ourselves. Thank you for this powerful post for peace. I love that you have scheduled the first Saturday of every month. It will be a special treat for us. {{{Hugs]}}


    • Kozo you are the one that started it all and it’s only fair to do it right. Mornings over my kitchen window are stunning and I just have to have my camera ready to capture its beauty.

      Thank you for letting everyone of us be more aware of how we van bring peace back to the forefront of our lives 🙂


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