It is that time again

View from my window

This photograph taken two days ago from our bedroom window, had  me hope for clear and dry skies

To my dismay today’s  skies are wet and foggy but I smiled I remembering this is Vancouver’s Winter

Grey…grey…with a bit of grey 🙂

It is that time again when I have to dig into last year’s stack of pictures to add  a bit of spice to this blog

Light in a drop

To make my soul happy I went to look back at the photographs taken around the same time last year

This one popped out from the screen, it had one of my favourite ingredient…light…

Wishing you dear friend lots of light no matter what the outside weather may be



  1. That is a truly wonderful view from your bedroom window – and I love the soft, muted and elegant colours. We obviously need to swap our weather. Please.
    I also love, love, love your header photo. I do hope I haven’t been ignoring it for long as I dive straight into your posts… It is new(ish) isn’t it?


  2. wow i love that water drop pic…that is a bit of magic…and i love your mountains too….the sun will be here soon enough…oddly its sunny here…and supposed to be in the mid 60’s all the end of the week…crazy…


  3. Yes- here too- grey with a tinge of white and black mixed in… my countdown is in full effect… two mores months till the promise of the return of the appearance and warmth of the sun. In the meantime spectacular photos of light do really lifts ones spirits!


  4. Vancouver British Columbia or Vancouver Washington? Whichever one – it’s beautiful. I ask because I’m spending months in Oregon and I can relate to the grey and the clouds and the mists and the drizzle.


  5. Grey, grey…with a bit of grey. Oh don’t I know it!! I was thinking the same thing this morning Anyes…where oh where is the sunshine???? Here is to looking for the light! xo


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