Waiting for the sun

Drops on fence

Grey skies and falling rain and my daily companions. I know this feeling for I have it every year. The light I do not see anymore has to be searched from within. Even my camera is looking at me crossed eyed wondering when we will be out again. Winter is there and I wish I was a bear.

Cameras do not like water much and even if the radio announcer calls them showers instead of rain, it’s still very wet. No much to say except if the weather forecast is right the sun is coming for a few days starting tomorrow. This change of weather is explaining the migraine I have since the middle of the  night and I will try to wait it out.

My, we’re already Wednesday and I can not wait for the week-end to start…Fresh air is needed, I feel like I have a case of cabin fever…

24 comments on “Waiting for the sun

  1. I do hope your migraine has dissipated. Truly miserable things. As you know, I would love some grey – and even more some rain. Our skies are still blazing, and the smell of smoke in the air is far too strong.


  2. smiles..i hope you get that fresh air…sorry on the migraine as well….those can be quite debilitating…not so much rain here…a nice uncharacteristicly warm week….yours will come…smiles.


  3. We had a burst of sunshine yesterday — I thought I was seeing things!! Back to it’s usual drab old self today — and hey, I think the bears know what they’re doing…hibernation might just be the answer! xo


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