Better late than never

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day,
and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”

― Jo Walton

Sun Lightnings

The morning had started like each and every other mornings for the last week or so, cold and dark with drizzle on my windshield.A metal clamp on my head was weighing me down and I knew the weather was about to change. When a migraine wakes me up in the middle of the night, it usually means the atmospheric pressure is changing, which in turns messes my head up :/

Pink clouds

Then end of the day arrived, not too soon I might had, and low and behold, peering behind the clouds that were the sky cover for the past week, the sun made a small appearance. I arrived just on time to be running up the hill, camera in hand trying to beat the clock. I had to take my photographs before heading back to drive Sweet Son to his first soccer practice of the year.

Magical Sunset

There you have it. The shots I manage to capture, I managed to smile as I knew the sun would be visiting us here for a while. My head is slowly getting better and the lingering pain is nothing compared to what it was today. I am lucky those migraines only last about 24 hours, and I am almost done 🙂



  1. took a sky shot yesterday as well…ours was gogeous…a bright pink sunrise….wow is soccer starting already? we stil have a bit yet….enjoy that sun while you can…smiles.


  2. Beautiful, beautiful shots. And such a wonderful accompanyment to your words. I adore the quote, too. Thank you for inspriring me today, friend.


  3. oh, your poor dear, God bless you for functioning and working your camera! in those days of my migraines, they would last up to four days. I hope you don’t have another one for a long time. I finally got help through a dentist. I found out that the main problem was my jaw, known popularly as TMJ. could that be your cause? not a doctor, but it was not a doctor who got me pointed in the right direction.


  4. I’m so glad that the migraine is shifting and seeping away…our bodies are quite amazing aren’t they? How they can sense the shift in so much in life…and when you “feel” the barometric pressure change it must be like that clamp releasing just a little on your head. Here is to sunshine and more of it!! xoxox


  5. Amazing colors, aren’t they? So glad you had your camera there at the ready. Sometimes winter is so totally gray and white that I crave this blazing fire in the sky.


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