Sometimes I wonder

God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions.
Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back.
Gloria Steinem

In the Winter time

The questions in my mind seem to revolve lately around some new beginning, a fresh start of sorts. As if all the experiences I went trough up until now where just a prelude of what is to come next. This inner whisper of mine keeps wanting me to do things in a different fashion. I spent some time yesterday morning changing  my WordPress theme, as I was looking for a way to see how a  different looking blog might inspire me.

This blogging venture for me is a way to explore what the artist within could do and this year I went to push it further.

A few questions still remain unanswered though

  •  will I finally have the courage to do what I have always envisioned?
  • will this stay a dream buried deep amongst forgotten ambitions?
  • will I trust I am ready and just take a leap of faith?

Sometimes I wonder…

Dear friend, do you have any similar questions waiting for answers in your heart?…


  1. Anyes, you know that answers to your questions in your heart. Hold my hand, we’ll jump together. I have so much faith in you that I’d jump into that icy river naked because it is so beautiful. Of course it wouldn’t be beautiful anymore once I took off my clothes. haha.
    Love the new theme, and your page loads much faster.


    • Trust me Kozo it’s way too cold to jump in, clothed or not 😉 and you are right it’s very pretty a photographer’s dream.

      Your words mean so much dear friend and I feel so lucky to be writing my doubts out loud and have a great virtual hug back reassuring me. I am jumping and trusting the landing will be safe.

      Thank you also for the theme feedback..what can I say I fell in love 🙂


  2. I love the quote too! and congratulations on venturing out and changing your theme! It’s lovely 😀 Love the photo tugged at my heart for some reason…so now I am wondering why too..hehe


  3. I think we all ask ourselves those questions at times. I say trust your gut and go with it. We all need to change and take risks in order to move forward!


  4. My questions change like I change my mind, my hair style and my underwear! I think constant questioning and seeking is essential to remaining vital…and not just alive. Keep asking, keep seeking…and even when you think you’ve got the answer remember, the answer may change! Life is like that right? We grow and we learn and we can look back and think “I never thought I’d get here…” or “I can’t believe how much I’ve accomplished…” I love the new look here…but you know me — I change my blog look and name like I change my underwear!! xoxox love you!


  5. First of all I must say I like your new theme …. and think you so for your dream and revile the artist in you.
    You have talent – share it. Sell it … make create more.


  6. So true about the questions. And sometimes – we just need to ask different ones…changing our points of view and perspectives (and blog templates…). Love this new one you’ve created here.


  7. Excellent questions! And yes, like your quote from Gloria Steinem tells us, we have to ask questions and once we start there’s no turning back. Good for you to ask these things, and may you feel the inspiration to keep following your dreams! And I think exploring new themes here is refreshing. I’m enjoying this new one for your blog. It helps us feel encouraged to try other new things when we start shaking things up and changing our routines. So keep it up. I am cheering you on! 😀 Love and Hugs, Gina


  8. You need to write a book. I know someone who has been published many times and she doesn’t write as nicely as you. Trust me, just do it!


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