Treasures at the end of the road

We can only be said to be alive in those moments
when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.
Thornton Wilder

Number 16

I finally got the sun and the light I was asking for. After dropping him on the soccer field I left Sweet Son with his friends for a while and went walking a bit in search of Winter marvels. The ones I know are there for having seen them the previous years. The air was cold and crept in my winter jacket and I was not going to complain. Just made a mental note to add an extra layer next time around 😉

Path in the woods

There it was just as I remembered, this path in the woods I had taken a few years back. It now looked so different. The lush greens of that Summer had given way  to this Winter frozen brown. However if my memory served me right, there should still be some treasures at the end of the path. Darling Daughter was getting a bit cold and I still wanted to show her the pond I remembered.

Frozen treasures

I was so happy to have found it again and even more happy to share its beauty with Darling Daughter. Taking as many photographs as I could before we left to walk back to the car, I kept on smiling feeling so lucky to have found my way back to this hidden treasure.

Tell me dear friend, what did you do this week-end? Did Winter share some of its treasures with you this Sunday?


  1. Love the quote and love the photos, Anyes. So glad you got to spend quality time with your daughter. Your son must have been freezing his butt off in those shorts.
    I spent some quality time with my sons this weekend, so I can relate. Thanks for another beautiful virtual walk in the woods.


    1. No worries, Sweet Son was running his buttocks off up and down the soccer field so in the end he was much warmer than us,

      Week-ends are the best for quality family time and I love it when I can take my camera out with me so I can share what I see 🙂


  2. i built a fort in the backyard…with chicken wire…and stuffed dead grass and vine in it to make it look natural…ha…added a lean to…it was fun…you did find a bit of magic there….it was so warm here this weekend…in the 70s…


  3. Your path in the woods was just so tantalising to see (and frustrating not to be able to head down it with you). Thank you so much for taking my spirit with you, when the body could not be there. A true treasure, which I am grateful that you, in your generosity, shared with us.


  4. I like that you realized you’ll need to add an extra layer “next time” — the next time made me smile! Because despite a lack of sunshine for what seems like “forever”, we do know it is always there and will make it’s presence felt sooner or later. My weekend was a mixed bag — a glorious, sunny, unseasonable 56 degrees F on Saturday while we attended a funeral. And with the clouds back on Sunday we did a little escaping and some junking…xo


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