World of magic

“The world is full of magic things,

patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

― W.B. Yeats

From my Window

Bundled up and walking around the neighbourhood I saw magic everywhere.
The sun lighting up the steaming roofs and the cold air made me dream

Frozen Beauty

She did not believe the wind telling her to land in the grass,
instead she followed the soft ripples on the water and got caught

Waiting for Spring
The last one to grow she thought she’d see Spring first
alas she fell under a frozen spell



  1. Anyes,
    There definitely is magic everywhere, especially in this blog and in your heart. You have a gift, my dear friend. You capture magic with your camera and you words. Thank you.


  2. Love the first and the last pictures…and the words too! Sometimes looking up at the sky and seeing the play of light, colours and clouds is as magical, though I would love to experience the magic of autumn and winter too one day! 😀


  3. What can I say about those photos – more than beautiful and poetic – that leaf is my favorite .. can see that all framed and glassed in and a massive blow up on one of my walls.


  4. You have the gift of making even the coldest of weather look beautiful. The frost! It’s glittering. And I love seeing the steam off the tops of the buildings. Well captured!


  5. Anyes, these are stunning photos! You’ve really captured the magic here! I love the smoke coming out of the chimneys in the first photo. Beautiful work!


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