Winter, you’re all right after all

In the depth of winter I finally learned
that there was in me an invincible summer.
Albert Camus

Winter Flowers

Who knew I’d have so much fun with Winter?
I have to be honest though my camera is the one
showing me how to enjoy the beauty of this boring beautiful cold season 😉
The week-end calls for sun and milder temperatures
I wonder what the frozen pond will look like…

…Tell me what are your plans this week-end, dear Friend?…



  1. Anyes,
    Your Camus quotation hit me like an unexpected snowball thrown by a dear friend–cold and shocking, yet full of joy and laughter. I love the symmetry of icicles you captured. God’s beauty. Merci.


  2. Hmm…let’s see…some reading, some drawing, some blogging..that’s my weekend plan not in that order Have a wonderful sun filled weekend 🙂


  3. My winter days lately .. have been too much hospital .. so I will just spoil myself with home SPA and hair coloring … sleep until I’m feed up on sleeping.
    Write posts … and work on my photos. My winter has been so bitter and unpleasant the last 2 days .. want my apricot mornings back. Have a great weekend and I’m sure you will find some beauty to share with us.


  4. I love how you’re learning to enjoy winter through your camera. It’s meant to be colder here this weekend (than it has been) and perhaps rain or snow tomorrow. We’re in for a cold snap next week (in the minus 20s) so I’m going to enjoy the sunshine from today (seems to have gone behind the clouds now but it was lovely earlier today), enjoy having my younger one home (went to pick him up today) for the weekend and just “be”. Hope you enjoy your weekend Anyes! xo


  5. Ahh- I know the feeling so well. I try to find the “beauty” as well and they just seem like such fleeting moments sandwiched between cold and grey and blah sometimes 🙂 But I keep trying to “see” it! Beautifully captured frost and snow!


  6. I agree Anyes, since I’ve gotten into photography, I now enjoy winter a bit more. I spend much more time outside now during these cold months when I would otherwise to hibernating in my house! Driving my son back to college this weekend ): but hope to shoot some photos at some point! Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing some beautiful captures of that pond you mentioned!


  7. We have snow!!! Just beautiful. The world has stopped and we are staying inside by the fire (having spent the morning sledging) Winter is perfect…. x


  8. My camera buddies and I are getting together tomorrow to take photos of some stained glass windows and then some still life. It will be fun!

    I love how your camera is showing you the beauty of this season.


  9. we were going to go to appomattox to a civil war site for a ‘time period games’ but we got snow last night so i dont know they will be doing that now…so we will see…might be at home just playing….


  10. I just wish I had a proper winter with frost and snow!
    Everything looks so nice and calm covert in snow! Unfortunately I spend my days in Dublin right now and we’ve just probably one of the worst days of the Year. It started raining some time yesterday and it hasn’t stopped since…
    So you should be happy with your frost and your camera.
    Have fun roaming around. Winter is beautiful! You just have to open your eyes! 😉


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