Lost in the Fog

Trees in the Fog

Waiting the whole week to take advantage of the sun that was forecasted on my phone, imagine my disappointment when all I had to photograph was a grey and foggy day. Nevertheless I took my camera, and brought Sweet Son to his Saturday soccer game. I tried to capture his passion for the game and I think you can really see it here 😉

Hard at play

Still hoping the sun would burn the clouds,I decided once he was finished to drive by the pond, hoping to capture something of interest. Lost in the fog I managed to shoot a few photographs. Such an eerie feeling all around, it felt so strange and a bit scary as if nature itself had decided to take the day off

In the Fog

A couple of hours after I finally I saw it…Not at all the sun I was thinking of, still quite interesting to photograph


Sun and Fog

Being the stubborn fool that I am, tomorrow I will go out again and try it all over…Wish me luck, dear friend 🙂


  1. Love the fog-gy pictures!! It’s beautiful in an ethereal way…you know? 🙂 The sun in the last picture is so bright too..even with the fog and it shows through the picture!!


  2. These are amazing foggy photos! And I just love that one of your son looking like such a soccer pro! So great when kids develop a passion for something.


  3. ah, the fog adds such mystery to the pics and speaks to me of adventure as well…great shot of son playing soccer…nice action shot….my youngest loves soccer….


  4. That’s a fabulous shot of your son mid play — love it!! And there are some interesting things to find in the fog (even if you can’t see further than the front of your hands!) — and there’s the sun — hiding but you know it’s there and not just a figment of your imagination! Don’t give up — you’ll find it!! xo


  5. Maybe it’s because I’m from San Francisco Bay Area, but I love the fog. I love how you captured the serene beauty and silence of the fog here. I love how the sun never lets us forget that we are loved. I also love the passion in your son’s body language. Thank you for filling my morning with love.


  6. Oh wow – look what you captured when you expected to find something else. Foraging for sunshine but so beautifully picturing fog – and a fantastic action shot of said sweet son!

    You captured son – instead of sun. What a happy surprise!


  7. The fog eater came in the afternoon tho’ . Sweet Son must have enjoyed playing today without the rain :D. Mysterious foggy pictures. Good Luck Today.


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