A Sunday Party

Friendship isn’t a big thing –
it’s a million little things.

Author Unknown

Water Dame
I had just dropped Darling Daughter at the library a couple of blocks away and was arriving on time to visit my friend Annie
She had invited me to her Pampered Chef/House Warming Party. When I arrive this lovely statue was the welcoming party.
It had been quite foggy at my house, but here the sun was shining bright and it felt like the beginning of Spring, only a bit colder.

Bella the Cat

Bella the Cat was one of the guests and I could not help myself; I had to take her photograph. Don’t you think she looks precious?

Pampered Chef dish

I  got to see beautiful cooking-ware and  had the chance to eat some great guacamole with some pulled chicken sandwich and an apple slaw.
If you were to ask me I’d tell you I was pretty lucky to be invited to spend time  to visit with my friend while being treated to a very lovely meal.

Now that I am all inspired we’ll see if the weekly menus get to change at home 😉


    • Missed the first quotation on the first look. Thanks for pointing it out to me, Brian. It is a keeper, like Anyes.
      Those pulled chicken sandwiches look delicious,especially when I’m eating day old pizza from my son’s birthday party. 😦
      Love the first photo as well. Thank you for another “little thing” to build our friendship on, Anyes.


      • Come on Kozo, Day old Pizza…what a treat 😉

        Friendship is made of tiny pieces slowing being glued together, and most of the time when we glue them we do not even realize it…in the end we have a masterpiece…That is what makes it even more precious 🙂


  1. More or less your whole weekend in 3 photos … fantastic job. I wouldn’t be counting on spring yet. Bella, wonderful photo .. it shows she wants something really badly. *smile


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