Tuesdays Thoughts

Winter is on my head,
but eternal spring is in my heart.
Victor Hugo

Frosted Bouquet



  1. this just made me smile. To begin with, the image is so perfect. And then – winter is on my head? Yes, it absolutely is. Right now. But a good reminder to keep spring in our heart.


  2. Wow- if that doesn’t scream chill and cold and beauty all at once, I don’t know what does…and I have always loved that Victor Hugo quote- so fitting!


  3. Beautiful … quotes … we can love the winter but we need spring in our hearts. *smile Stunning photo again. Miss a good macro, but we are not going back to a big camera again. Done it!


      1. I did the same with my filmeating Canon, but I want to be able to have my camera with me were ever I go … no more change of lenses. Those days are gone for me. *smile Crazy too???


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