Some days…

Doubt everything. Find your own light.


…Some days, I look to see the Sun greeting me in the early morning and I feel calm, at peace…
…Other days, my head is twirling with so many ideas I do not know with which one to start…

…Some days, the inner whisper is gently guiding me and following it is a breeze…
…Other days confusion reigns in my heart and I doubt the path I am choosing is the right one…

…Some days I know the choice is mine and other days I wonder if I am right…
…Tell me dear friend…does it ever happen to you?…



  1. Yes, yes and yes…it does. There are times when I see a flicker of understanding why…and to me it is to remind us that though we are spiritual beings, we are here for a human journey. It is the human in us and ride these waves.


  2. Yes, I think we all experience those thoughts and questions. I like to think that it’s all part of the self-growth process. Your photo is breathtaking!


  3. Mais oui, moi aussi, j’ai des moments de grande sérénité, suivis de moments troublés, sans aucune satisfaction – j’essaie de les oublier rapidement! Bonne soirée¨!


  4. do you ever want to kick your inner whispers in the shin ? boy, i do. especially when they keep
    playing the same thing over and over again……xo {this is a gorgeous photo}


  5. O yes of course! Some days I am overwhelmed. I struggle around in that confusion. I drag my poor old feet through the day!! LOL Then something won’t let me go a niggle which says, listen to your heart…..there is usually a direction there……..just wish I could always remember that. Thank you for sharing, it is special to know we are in it together:~))


  6. My brain seems to work like the tides…or be moved by them. There are days when I know exactly who I am where I am and where I’m going. And other days? I wonder how did I get here what I am doing and where am I going. I keep thinking there’s a formula or a plan or something that once I’ve “got” it, all of my days will be smooth sailing. In reality I know that how things are is the “norm” and I can only navigate each day with the best of my ability…and somedays? I just seem to spin in circles! I hope you’re have a day where you are right on target! 🙂


  7. there are def some days that are better than others…and some that are easy while others are just a struggle to keep moving….i think though we always have a choice in how we approach them…smiles.


  8. Love the little … quotes, so true too … we have to find our own light. We can’t make the right choices all the time and when we don’t we learn a good lesson from that – I have always followed my common sense .. and I can’t say that I doubt if I made the right choice – I always think that time will give the answer and if it’s not the right choice .. I have to do something about it. I’m not a worrying person. I take things as they are … and come to me. Haven’t always been like this, but I have become more calm and “acceptable” in my nature.


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