Food for thought

We can always choose to perceive things differently.
You can focus on what’s wrong in your life,
or you can focus on what’s right.
Marianne Williamson

Peeking through

The choice is always there even if a bit hidden, the way the bridge top was on that foggy morning
In the end it is that simple, so why does it feel so difficult?

Any thoughts, dear friend?



  1. Love the quotation, Anyes. The photo made me think of the Twin Towers for some reason which made me focus on what is right over what is wrong. What is right for me is forgiveness for any wrongdoings. Thank you for reminding me.


    1. I love how everyone of us sees the same image in such a different fashion…the thoughts that are arising are really so interesting Kozo…Forgiveness of any wrong doing, is a worthy goal to strive towards.

      You always give me more to think after your comments and I thank you for that, Kozo

      Enjoy your week-end 🙂


  2. I notice heavy fog physically surrounds me when I am on the brink of something big…I know that sounds weird, but it is true and has happened often enough for me to notice! Or maybe I just live in a foggy area! Anyway, I always take it as a sign to pay special attention to my decisions and choices. I like fog now, where before I used to fear it.


  3. we always have a choice….and we will not always make the right choice either, but we keep trying….but perception and how we look at things…it is our choice and also tells much about us to…


  4. I think it’s one of those photos that … if you look long enough on it – the more you see .. first I thought it was a high building in the fog, but I think it’s a window now after looking. Very clever – I probably would rejected this photo myself is I taken it a couple of months ago … but today I look differently on photos that isn’t perfect. I really like this one.


  5. I’m a firm believer in the Marianne Williamson way of looking at life. I don’t know if it’s a built in thing with me or if I’ve learned it — maybe both. Maybe it was there for along time but not tapped into. This image of the bridge and your words, brings a lot into focus for me right now, with where I am in my own journey. So much has been visible to me…but in fog so I’ve only been getting outlines and shapes. And, as with the fog, once you are in the thick of it and right on top of something, the shadows shift and you see the object clearly…for what it is and not what it might be. I love this whole analogy today Anyes and I thank you for “being in the right place, at the right time” (for me and maybe for others too). Your post, your photography, your thoughts today have added to my own awakening. Love you!


  6. This is a hard one. Even in the quote it talks about what is right and what is wrong, and sometimes what is wrong pulls at our mind more because it needs to be right. If it’s not right then something is not complete….or so we think. We think there is something wrong with us if there is something wrong in our lives. What if instead there is no right or wrong, not bad or good. That everything is as it should be? It doesn’t mean that we condone the behaviours that hurt at the same time we take all our experiences as opportunities to grow. We don’t “cherry pick” but “good” or “bad” it’s life giving us avenues to progress?


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