Weekly Photo Challenge: Love


…If I had to answer what love  is for me this would be my response…
Together on an adventure going in the same direction…

…Tell me, dear friend what is love for you ?…just curious…

I finally did it…Stepping out of my comfort zone…and participating in the  Weekly Photo Challenge…Thank you Rufina 🙂



  1. I love this quote, such a truism. The romantic notion is the thought of looking into one’s beloved’s eyes. But yes, looking together is definitely the way to succeed as a couple.


  2. By the way I have done – you ask .. I answer – did small changes to the set up. Will be published on Saturday… welcome over to my world then.


  3. Love for me is “just there”. No rhyme, no reason…just there. You can’t hide from it or tell it to go away. When it finds you, it’s there — and I just accept it with no definitions. Love this photo!


  4. Ayes To me, love is surrender When you find love, that’s when you need not do anything because you have come to the source.

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