1. Beautiful photo – so tired of the grey – sepia days too … bring the colors on to us, please. Wish you a pleasant weekend – tomorrow you asked and I have answered. *smile


  2. Amazing photo!
    This is by far my favorite.

    Thank you for capturing this beautiful moment. An ordinary leaf and yet full of life.



  3. Just your post title brought me in – so similar am I feeling. I suppose those of us who are in the greys and monotones of January, well I guess February now, are feeling that same longing. Thank you for the fresh, full of life green spot! Makes me breathe a little deeper.


  4. Très belle photographie, Anyes, qui me donne une fantastique envie de printemps !
    TrΓ¨s bon week-end πŸ™‚


  5. Color truly speaks to me and this beautiful green leaps off the screen at me! Happy almost weekend Anyes- thanks for coloring my day happy πŸ™‚


  6. That colour reminds me of what is on it’s way! Wonderful image for the day we in Ireland call the first of Spring, and thanks for your kindest comment:~))


  7. I’ve had my fill of dull, grey, lifeless, blah this week. I’m craving huge doses of colour so thank you for sharing this! Wishing you a bright and cheery weekend! xo


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