February Post for Peace – Help

The path

The challenge was on, thank you Kozo for once again rattling my neurons into action.

Finding a photograph that could be posted on billboards promoting peace…

Roses for Peace

What is peace? I wondered. As you can see in this post, for me it is mostly about nature or rather finding inner calm by taking the time to observe the simple beauty of a small bouquet of roses.

Peace in our heart

I need your help dear friend, what kind of photograph would be the right one for you on a Peace billboard?



  1. Stunning photos, the roses are so stunning … wonder what I would have chosen ??? I would rather gone for the ugly and scary – to promote peach .. to raise awareness. But I don’t have any photos of ugliness.


      • Yes, I believe in the shock effect … because it works on me personal, even if I have a beautiful mind – but when it’s about peach .. and war, I think we need to scare people to wake up.

        Maybe I misunderstood the whole thing.


        • No you totally understand and the point of the exercise is to get us thinking how to make an add for peace. Your way is one direction that could be taken for sure…I love how two different approaches would still lead to the same result. Thank you Viveka ๐Ÿ™‚


          • Anyes, I understand where you are coming from too – you want .. to bring calmness and understanding for what peach can be all about – a more beautiful world. Totally agree with you.
            I hope you don’t think I meant that you have chosen the wrong photos for the message or I was criticizing you,


          • No Viveka, not at all ๐Ÿ™‚
            I love this exchange truly, because I believe both our ways would work. How about this…Try to find one photo (ugly and scary) or better to shoot it and write about it. I’d link back and it would get the project going in a totally different direction ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. it is an interesting conundrum…peace is such an abstract thought it would be so different for everyone…what is peaceful to most, ecause i dont think you would hit all…or do you go opposite and show not peace, to show the hope of peace…i think you could go a number of ways…


    • That is the beauty of the exercise, Brian…all the number of ways you could go…The photographs I chose, were giving me a sense of inner peace, which is the reason I chose them…You could go the opposite way, but looking at it would stir your guts the wrong way… wouldn’t it?


  3. I liked all three photos, they each represent their own flavour in respect to peace. I agree with shreejacob’s comment on the first photo, about a path leading to a future that only we can see. The second reminds me of a token of peace, flowers offered in a form of apology. And the third, as you so said yourself, the blue of the sky and the soft wind in the tall grass. It makes me imagine the wind whispering its meloncoly ode to the world, bringing change to the earth.
    But for me, the rising sun will always represent peace, for with each new dawning comes an idea that on this day, I hope peace will reign eternal. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Peace comes in many forms, doesn’t it? So this is a good question. Clouds in a blue sky. The calm of water. A photograph of joined hands…children, standing in a circle, all holding hands and if it could be multicultural that would be even better. Peace for me is about calmness, about serenity, about everyone getting along…about working together…it’s about harmony. Not much help I’m afraid. xo


    • I first looked for photographs of children playing in peace, together…or a family…even wanted a calm lake or some body of water to represent peace.
      Nature ended up being the theme in those photos, as it is where I find the most peace in real life.
      You are helping a lot Sherry, and I will look for those subject in my second February post. Thank you so much xo


  5. Sooooo beautiful the first picture with the path leading through the trees into a future that only we can see because we are the creators of our world….and wouldn’t it be just awesome if we can all just stop being idiotic and learn to live together instead of squabbling and fighting and trying to do better than the other…!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing such lovely photos!! ๐Ÿ˜€


    • I agree 100% with Shreejacob. That first photo took my breath away and warmed my heart with peace. I think I have the perfect slogan to go along with that photo, Anyes. It is my slogan for the Monthly Peace Challenge. After I do my post, we should talk about combining them and putting that photo on the FB, blog, etc. I love, love, love that photo. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


      • It seems we are on the same wave length, It is interesting to know that I almost went against putting this photograph. I went with it because it was the one that gave me peace…
        I would be honoured to be helping with this photo wherever you would need it…We will talk, count me in …:-)
        I am glad that you are seeing peace there too Kozo


  6. A couple I took recently at the Portland Japanese Gardens. Talk about a peaceful place. Yum. I’m going to gather a few favorites for a post soon – and now you’ve given me the perfect title subject – peace. Thank you. Wishing you a peaceful weekend Anyes.


  7. Beautiful photos – as always. Like you it would need to be a photo from nature. Water? Creeks trickling by in the sunshine, or still, calm lakes? The utter calm of an iceberg floating majestically by? Birds in flight The list is endless, but nature in all its glory will always spell peace for me. Or do I mean spell peace to me? Both.


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