Ready for the Week-End

Frosted Bloom

…Hoping to do so much this week-end…
…Uploading photographs, writing, walking…
…Catching up with my blogging friends…
…Finding the solution, to my sleepless nights?…

Hoping your week-end will be the one you hoped for, dear friend…



  1. I love this, Anyes, because I never know the words to songs, but I keep trying to sing them, “hoping” no one notices. πŸ™‚


  2. I love everything about your weekends – but sleepless nights are not great. Try a glass of hot milk before you turn the light out – and something I learned from a TV series, the Mentalist .. is to count to two – one when you breath in and 2 when you breath out – and it works for me. Only takes a couple of minutes and I’m a sleep. What I didn’t during my treatments and I had problems with my sleep, I had a small pillow with lavender inside my pillow case. Works very well. Sleep well. I have take ugly pictures today by the way. See you … tomorrow I hope. But sleep in if you fall to sleep.


      1. I’m the same as you …. I wake up after 1,5-2 hours and I do it a couple of time per night – but not only at home .. sleeping away it doesn’t happen.


  3. frost makes those blooms look magical…so you sleeping better? weekend started already for me…had the day off..playing with the boys…so ending very nicely…smiles.


  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend…and finding an answer to those sleepless nights will surely be an added bonus!! For me it’s work, writing and maybe a little drawing πŸ˜€


  5. Hope you figure out the solution to those sleepless nights. I’ve been having my share of those and they can make me kind of cranky…when it happens I call myself Princess Cranky Pants and then everyone knows that it might be a “l.o.n.g” day!! lol!! Seriously though, it’s not much fun. As for me, I’m heading off to visit my first born…a quick in and out to Ottawa — haven’t seen him since Christmas and I kind of miss him!! Enjoy your weekend whatever you do (and I hope it includes restful sleep!) xo


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