On the mend

The greatest wealth is health.


River in the Clouds

…I did not mean to leave you hanging…I really didn’t
…The past six days were a bit  very hard…high fever…body aches…no energy…
…the diagnosis: very bad bronchitis…asthma (never had it before)…trying to rest
…Still very weak…feeling about 95 1/2 years old…trying to get back on top of this…
…It is one of those times…where no matter how old you are…you miss your mom…:/
…Mind over matter…I keep telling myself…this time, matter won…mind is a bit of a mush right now…
….Taking my medicine, like a good girl…trying to rest…should be back on top soon 🙂

…Any suggestions to speed the recovery process, dear friend? I could use some 😉




  1. My hubby has had a hard time completely shaking off the bug as well- I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly yet too! Rest, sweet one, take whatever time you need to fully heal yourself and just we are all thinking of you!! Hugs to you!


  2. Feel better soon Anyes! But be sure to gIve your body the rest it needs, along with vitamins, lots of healthy greens, and lots of water and hot tea with lemon.


  3. Oh no! So sorry to hear that you are sick! Not fun and not allowed to happen to Moms. We don’t have time to get better! Sending you healing thoughts and big hugs.


  4. Anyes you may want to drink hot water, lemon and honey, also run hot water in your sink, lean over the sink, wrap a towel over your head and sink, this should help bring up some of the junk. I understand you wanting your Mom, nobody helps like a mom can. get plenty of rest…..I always like chicken noodle soup. in my house it seems to be the cure for all. hope you feel much better soon.


  5. oh, I hope you feel better soon Anyes, that’s why i don’t see your poem. My suggestion is Gargle with sea salt 2-3 times per day and add fresh squeeze with water for a drink. may make you feel good in a few days. Yes I like to think of my mother when I get sick still she will pan fried pork with garlic and black pepper serve with boiled jasmine rice, or other kind of boiled rice with condiments. When I grew up and get sick my body feel like a spicy soup like Tom yum soup with mushrooms. Sour fruits eat more fresh pineapple dip with salt. Get well tomorrow Anyes


  6. Sorry you are so sick. Try taking super hot showers w/ doors closed, steam will help your lungs. Also prednisone can help strengthen your lungs too. Hope you get lots of rest and start feeling better soon!


  7. and oh yes…whenever I talk about vaporub….people tell me to put it on the soles of my feet when I’m in bed…apparently that is very healing. I haven’t had occasion to try it yet…but next time I need to I’m going to. It can’t hurt, right? xoxo


  8. No words of wisdom to speed the healing my friend….it takes its own time and all you can do is rest and be patient. Sleep, take and do whatever the doctor has told you to do and allow your body to heal. Nothing can rush the process. I’m glad that you have taken the time away from blogging to do just that. I wish you a recovery that is full and that it happens when it is ready. And yes, our health is the best wealth there is. Sending good ju ju and healing thoughts. And oh how I agree…when we feel that badly — it is our mother was crave. Put some Vicks’ vaporub on your chest…put some in a vaporizer if you have one….and I’ll sing “soft kitty” to you from here. xoxoxox


  9. you’ve already heard the only remedy I know. but my question is…why post at all? you will not lose your readers that easily over a few days of recuperating! rest, my dear!


  10. Oh Anyes…sorry to hear that! Take good care of yourself and drink lots of fluids so that your body is well hydrated, makes the mucous easier to expel. Enjoy the rest…sometimes it’s our bodies demanding that we rest it well..you know?


  11. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick! Definitely drink those fluids and rest. No need to try and hurry this, it will work it’s way out and you will feel better soon. I have spent the weekend in the house with similar stuff. It’s frustrating.


  12. So happy to hear that you are on the mend. Drink lots and lots of fluids and continue to REST. Your body is telling you to slow down and take a break!


  13. I am so very sorry that you have been laid low by ill health, and equally glad that you are on the mend. Sleep, sleep and more of it. And lots of fluids. Hot lemon drinks, lemon tea, soup…
    I hope your recovery continues apace. Hugs.


  14. Home made chicken soup with lots of ginger and a dash of lemon. Anyes, this bug is all over town. Hope you will feel better soon. Get someone to make you a home made chicken soup form scratch. Follow what doctor ordered. Take care.


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