The hands of time

Know how to live the time that is given you.
Dario Fo

Prom Dress

Was I ready to have another soccer season already finished, as if in the blink of an eye?
Did I expect to be prom dress shopping this soon with my little baby girl Darling Daughter?
To those questions I can honestly answer No…

Was I glad to have witnessed all the games Sweet Son played in, regardless of the weather ?
Did I enjoy seeing the ecstatic smile of overwhelming joy, on Darling Daughter’s face once we found THE dress?
To those Questions I can honestly answer Yes…

Time flies, it is the reality of its nature and I know it. What I chose to do with it then becomes what truly matters.
I find myself paying very close attention to this fleeting treasures of passing moments knowing how precious they are.
Do you feel the same about time? Can you manage to savour every bit of it, or does it feel like trying to catch water in your hands?



  1. I’ve been trying to learn to live in the moment…it’s a long way away…but I find I am more aware of my thoughts and feelings. Have you ever tried Vipasana meditation..the first time I did I was amazed at how fast 10 minutes went by!!!!! That however was beginners Now my mind takes over….but I let it..and just accept it…hoping for the stillness between the thoughts to lengthen 🙂


  2. Time is much too fleeting and we can move from one special moment to another in the blink of an eye. I’m so aware of time’s passage but I’m also aware of being in the moments…to simply enjoy them for what they are as they come. And this time in your daughter’s life? Oh so very special. Memories are being made right before your eyes. xo


  3. I can tell you, Anyes, that although it may seem fleeting, you have squeezed the beauty out of time. Just go back and look at the wonderful times you had with your family in the past few months. I can think of so many great shots of your son expressing joy on the soccer field. Precious shots of nature captured while walking with your daughter. You are blessed. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


    1. Did I tell your comments always find a way to lift my soul Kozo? Well I guess I did 😉
      Thank you for also reminding me of the blessing I have to be blogging about the little moments in life. You are so right, I can always go back to appreciate them a bit more should I feel the need to…


  4. When the time that has left me … it’s like yesterday whatever I’m recalling – and some things seems like light years back. Time is something we can’t hold on to – doesn’t matter what we do and I don’t think we should worry too much about it … and to live everyday as it was our last would be very frustrating and stressful. We can only cherish the memories of the time we had and do the best of the time that is waiting on us.


      1. Anyes, I agree with you and I think when you have children you notice it a lot more who fast the time fly – a friend mine always said; look at your kids and you know how old you really are.


  5. Trying to enjoy every little bit of it… all the bits- the not so pleasant and sweet as they are still real… along with the milestones and accomplishments- yes-trying!


  6. as someone a decade+ older than you, i can say that i do understand fleeting time. do i treasure the precious moments? i hope so, but most of all, i tend to live life by doing what is in front of me…and savoring all that this means. thanks for another thoughtful post.


  7. Je pense que pour être heureux, il faut savoir reconnaître les petits bonheurs, les uns après les autres, sans imaginer nager dans une félicité perpétuelle! C’est une discipline qu’il s’agit de ne pas oublier dans l’adversité, même si ce n’est pas toujours facile. Quelle belle image!


    1. Tu as raison Gine et meme si des fois j’oublie j’essaie de me rappeller que c’est la meilleure facon de trouver le bonheur…

      J’ai essaye de cacher un peu la robe de facon a ne pas tout devoiler tout de suite. Je suis contente que tu aimes 🙂


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