Thankful Thursdays

Gratitude is the best attitude. Author Unknown


For the tender whisper of Spring almost here, feeling my heart with joy, I am thankful

For the soft daylight in the early morning while driving Darling Daughter to school, I am thankful

For a surprise in the making that I will be telling you about later, I am thankful

For finally feeling like myself after what was such a painful and lengthy bout of flu, I am thankful

For friends that continually stretch my neurons and force me to question how I view everything, I am thankful


  1. Hello Anyes, I am excited for spring pretty much. I started to check the wild roses bush in front of the house and a little baby is growing. Wild roses is really pretty in spring, very delicacy and fragrance. If i pick some of them and put in the bed room that I sleep so well.


  2. It’s almost Spring and it’s a brand new world again. The cycle of rebirth continues, and the life in that lovely green bud is full of potential. Love it! Glad to hear that you are feeling better, Anyes.


  3. Thankful for you and your craft, Anyes. Love the fuzzy warmth of this photo. Can’t wait to hear about the surprise. {{{Hugs}}} kozo


  4. Very beautifully put, Anyes. You are my kind of people and I am thankful I was able to find your wonderfully inspiring blog. I’m glad you are feeling better. God bless xo


  5. Beautiful image. I am thankful that you are feeling so much better. And, every day, things to be grateful appear. Big things, small things. Such a wonderful world we live in…


  6. I am thankful for what Honey said…how Vision and Verb introduced us all to one another! And I’m thankful that you are feeling more like yourself. I’m also thankful that we have the opportunities to share our thanks and our gratitudes. xo


  7. nice…glad you are feeling a bit more yourself…and it is wonderful spring is almost here as well…i feel the energy welling up inside me from the sun yesterday….smiles…


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