Some days

Be intent upon the perfection of the present day.
William Law

First Sunset

Some days everything falls into place
You arrive at the perfect moment to catch the clouds mingling with the sun just the way you wanted
You smile realizing Friday is on its way and it makes you feel at peace
With a bit of luck the sun will be there for the week-end and you will have a serious walk with your camera
Some days are just there to make you happy 🙂



  1. love the William Law quotation. The truth is everyday is this perfect, we just don’t see it. Thank you for capturing it for us, Anyes. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


  2. I love your header photo – stunning. We had sunshine and clear blue sky for a whole week – but the wind is so icing cold, even my little camera are not in the mood. It’s far too cold for not keeping the gloves on. I even freeze indoors and inside today. I wish you a pleasant weekend and I hope … you and your camera will have a great time together.


  3. that is what they say…should be in the 60s all weekend…and i am at a lull in my grad school papers so…look forward to it…smiles….the sun was just hitting the mountains just right this morning and they were glowing a bit from the snow…


  4. “some days are just here to make you happy” — what a beautiful thought! And yes, I believe that it’s true. Here is to sunshine and milder temperatures, a walk with the camera and days that make us happy. Happy weekend Anyes! xo


  5. I love the days when everything falls into place so easily….though I realize that the days when they do not hold the more precious lessons…
    I mean…seriously Anyes..sometimes I just wish as souls we really did not have to make this life journey thing SO difficult!!!!


      1. Yes, yes and oh most definitely YES! We just love complicating things don’t we? It’s like if things get simple, we can’t believe it….I mean…it’s life…it’s has to be complicated!!!!!!!! LOL


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