How does it all work?

Purple Orchid

The photograph I chose for my post today was taken last Sunday at a friend’s house. I paired with a quote I loved and I posted on my blog last Tuesday under my Tuesdays Thoughts category. I was very happy with the work I had done and got really excited when this very post was reblogged (posted on another site but linking back to me) by a fellow WordPress blogger. I took this as a compliment and I appreciated the fact that someone else liked it enough to share it with her own readers. It was the first time it had happened to me and I was over the moon 🙂

This second blogger then got a comment on her blog from a third-party mentioning that she would pin this post on Pinterest. This is where it gets a bit fuzzy for me. To my dismay when I went to see how it was looking on Pinterest, the caption reading under my post was linking back to the person that had reblogged me. The only reference to my site is at the bottom of the photograph. So if you wanted to go back to the original source of this post (my website), you still would have to click back to the reblogged post, then once more click back to me.

I understand that anything we put on the web is more or less public property yet I was naively thinking that proper credit would be given back in this kind of instance. My wish is to be one day able to make a living by selling my photographs, or at least give it a serious try. Seeing that I am not able to fully understand how it all work, I am having doubts as to how succesful I would be at keeping it under my name, if I was to put more of my work on the web.

So here I am today in front of you all asking for advice and maybe a bit of enlightenment. Do you have any experience of how Pinterest work? Should I be emailed third person and asking for a link back to my website? Could she do it? Am I making too much of a fuss for nothing?



  1. Love this presentation Anyes and I’m sorry I don’t have time to visit so often. Still, I like what I am seeing on your blog 🙂 Keep up the good work


  2. Hey Anyes…I didn’t read the other comments because I’m..ahem….a lazy little (not literally) bum..but you can email the blogger that reblogged your post and mention to her to use the web address of your photo post instead. It can be done on Pintrest. In fact, she just has to edit the link and it’s done. The way Pintrest works is that you can either upload something from your computer or , as in your case, she would have linked the web address of the page in her blog.
    I also think it may help if you use the Copyright thingie on your home page….OR use it below each post. This is the link :

    The one thing that you have already done is to sign your website on all your photos…which is the best actually!

    The internet is so vast and things get shared so much and a lot of times people do forget to give credit where credit is due. I feel though that your work comes from a place of love and sincerity in your heart…and that Life, the Universe and Spirit will see that the abundance will come to you 🙂


  3. I have an icon and note about asking permission to copy my photos. I use only my own too. If the pinning of your photo onto someone’s Pinterest upsets you, you are not making something out of nothing. It’s your work, just as paintings are, so I agree with the others that you should notify Pinterest to have the person take your photo down from her board. And make the blogger aware of the etiquette involved when she posts someone else’s photo on hers.


  4. actually, it is not right to take work and not give attribution….one thing you can do is post in your sidebar that permission must be gained prior to redistribution of work…i know a blogger that got hit with a $500 fine for doing it by someone who took it very serious…


  5. I wish I could help but I’m clueless when it comes to this stuff. Seems to me though that you should get the credit you obviously deserve! I would contact Pinterest with this issue.


  6. Pinterest – I know very little about …. I have used copy righted photos from google, and the Swedish photographer he found out – but he never asked me to remove his two photos – because I never claimed … they was taken by me and I had put his name on the photos. If you want your photo to be removed from her blog, you should tell her … or ask her to give you the credit for the photo. There is so many photos out there and if we post them on our blog – they will be public and be out there for others to use.
    I’m not that picky about mine … I would take it as a compliment if somebody had chosen one of my shots. I use others photos – so I let others use mine so much as they want. It’s a give and take, in my world. You only use your own photos, so that is a different issue.
    If you want the photo to be your property you have to … ask her to remove the photo.


  7. i use pinterest a lot. it has amazing graphic design pins that have helped inspire a great deal of my own layout work. i have a board that says, “photography with permission” for any photos i pin. i never pin any of my own work without the idea that others will…this means, i don’t post my work that has gallery representation, etc.! initially, on pinterest, there was a hue and cry about pinterest saying it took no responsibility for copyright violations, but that has all changed. if you go to vendor sites, you will see that many encourage pinning, because as SGC said, when a person clicks on the item, they are directed to the source. good for business! if you are upset, you can contact pinterest and ask them to remove your pin. they will.


  8. I don’t know anything about Pinterest but I just wanted to say that you’re not making a fuss about nothing. It is right for a photographer to expect to be credited for her work. However, I think that having your website reference still on the image is probably sufficient. Anyone who likes the image knows where to go to find you. It’s just takes a bit more typing than if the Pinterest user had bothered to credit you as the original source with a link. I guess you just need to make sure that your website reference is on all of your photos in a way that makes it hard to crop/photoshop out.
    Good luck with it all and congratulations; your photos are taking their first steps into the wider Internet!


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