Simple pleasures

Saturday's Sunset

The stars lined up and our sunny Saturday afternoon together with close friends at the beach gave me much joy.
Very sunny and a bit cold, the weather was perfect for walking together, camera in hand I was delighted.
Our walk was filled with laughter and heartfelt conversations, something I had not had for a long time, and it felt right.
The children were playing together, the grown ups were talking together and it refilled my heart with energy

Did you refill your heart with loving energy this week-end too? Did you get to Spring Forward?



  1. What an absolutely perfect quote for this photograph. I’m so glad that you had the opportunity to be outdoors, enjoyed walking with friends and were able to enjoy this first taste of spring and all that we have to look forward to with that. I was away for the weekend and it was amazingly glorious where I was…walking around without a coat yesterday as it reach 19c….bliss!!!!! Back to cold, dull and overcast today but no matter…I soaked up enough sunlight and vitamin D to carry me for a few days! And yes, we did the old spring forward…and I’m still tired!! hee!!


  2. smiles…sounds like that was a good walk…and something you needed as was a good weekend…special time with Logan was cool…we dont always get to do that and i am trying to be intentional in that regard here recently….


  3. I’m so longing for the spring – after 4 days of ice cold stormstrong winds .. I woke up to winter again. Love your photos, but you and and your camera are always a great team. Glad that you had a pleasant and joyful weekend.


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