Gasping for air

West Van Weathervane

Feeling a bit at a loss…
Unsettling news from my father regarding my mother…
Darling Daughter having to face some unsettling news of her own…
Being very mindful not to be sucked into this somber whirlwind surrounding us…

Deep breaths…Inhale…Exhale…Inhale…Exhale…Deep breaths



  1. Something going on in the Universe, Anyes, because things are a bit kooky over here as well. Let’s extend lovingkindness as far as possible to ride this wave wherever it takes us. {{{Hugs]}} for you, your parents, and your daughter. Love, Kozo


  2. Hugs from me too. The ebb and flow of life…some days are just plain hard. Take a deep breath, there will be brighter days ahead. Will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.


  3. We wonder sometimes how we can cope when so many unsettling things happen around us — happening to those we love, they affect us just as deeply as if it was happening “to” us. Sending you love and hugs and gentle thoughts. One breath at a time Anyes and remember to reach out to those you love for support. xo


  4. Oh…I hope all is well soon *hugs*. Strangely I have been going for this class based on the book The Map by Colette Baron – Reid. She talks about our life journey as a magical map..and each phase in our life can be made up of different landscapes. We are all traveling through a particular landscape every moment in time..and we all have lessons to learn in each one. The thing is to always be aware that we should not be sucked into another person’s landscape..or else we will get lost in them! Just as what you mentioned.

    Having said that though, may all go well with your mom and daughter šŸ™‚


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