Counting my blessings

Count your blessings. Once you realize how valuable you are and how much you have going for you,
the smiles will return, the sun will break out, the music will play,
and you will finally be able to move forward the life that God intended for you with grace,
strength, courage, and confidence.

Og Mandino

Broken stems

  • Spring is on its way bringing with itself the colours and the energy I have missed the last few months
  • My children are growing and i am learning to let them be who they are or at least I am trying to 😉
  • My health is much better and that nasty bronchitis I had a month ago is now a fading memory
  • This blog is helping me in so many ways to deal with the waves of ups and downs in my personal life
  • YOU dear friends, give me pleasure when you visit and when you share your wisdom and your friendship in comments

Those are the blessings I am counting today and in doing so, I become keenly aware of how lucky I am.



  1. I count your photos, quotations, and words of wisdom as one of my blessings, Anyes. Sounds like things are on the rise for us. Never heard of Og Mandino, but I’m definitely going to have to look him up. {{{hugs}}} Kozo


  2. Anyes, counting our blessings is always good. I have found that it certainly helps me when I do that, especially when I have those moments when I feel sorry for myself and am complaining. It’s good to remember all the wonderful things in our life – it makes those moments go away pretty quickly.
    Have a beautiful, restful Sunday.


  3. The moments when we give thanks and actually recognize, “yes, this IS a blessing” — I look for them and I value them. The ones that come to me when I’m not looking? Like a gift dropped from heaven. I’m with Brian on the letting the children be who they are…it’s not “easy” but we do it to the best of our ability don’t we? Once they reach an age where their maturity and their years are evident, that’s when we see the evidence of what we’ve tried to do. And as long as our children aren’t doing something that is harmful to them or others, it can actually be very interesting to see who they are becoming and get to know those individuals. I love my relationships with my adult sons. They have some similarities to each other and to their father and to me, but then they have their unique personalities and their interests, attitudes…trust them, believe in them, keep the lines of communication open, don’t judge them…there are those blessings again! xo


  4. ha its not easy to let the children be who they are…they will make it though…i know i was not easy on my parents as i am sure mine will not be easy on me….but i came around….and they will as well…sorry you are up/down right now…i love og mandino as well….have all the books….


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