Hopeful Spring

Nature’s embrace is something I need more and more
Forgetting about it always make me realize how important it is once I find it back…

Note to self: you’re a country girl, do not forget itΒ 

How about you dear friend? country? city? both?



  1. I love the quote. There is no death. There is only the time where we are in need to rest, to assimilate what we have learned, to transition into another phase, to prepare for a new journey πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve been a city girl most all of my life. I had one year in the country when I was 9/10 and disliked it so much, but I believe that was for other reasons within the family. Now? I think I could settle happily in the country with visits to the city. I’ve outgrown that city feeling as I’ve aged…and as long as I’m around people I know, like and love…I’m good!


    1. I am such a country girl at heart, I lived in several cities for several years and never fully understood the appeal. I like cities as a tourist to take photographs and to walking and get to know the people…to live there is quite another story all together xo


      1. Anyes, that’s how I’m becoming about large cities…let me simply be a tourist. This trip to the UK in a month and a half? I’m all about — let me to go to Bath and Bristol, small towns and the lake area. London? I have zero desire to go there…that speaks volumes to me! And we aren’t staying right in London — we’re staying in a town outside and taking the train in to do our touristy bits.


  3. Love Pablo Neruda. I gave my wife a book of his poetry the day we met. I’m an island boy, but I’ve been in the suburbs. Thanks for the reminder that dormant does not mean doormat. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


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