Trouble sleeping?


I would like to make sleeping my new hobby, except that I’m too tired,
really, to have a hobby. But a girl can always dream.
Susan Orlean 

The wild thoughts usually twirling in my head are now starting to ease, thanks in part to this new guided meditation site. It is opening right in front of me a new world of peace and inner reflection, I had never known before. I was told that meditating would be helping me in so many ways and it had always been something I have wanted to try.

It all started during a casual conversation I had with my friend the other day about my lack of sleep. Knowing how it evaded me most of the nights, she told me about this site and how it had helped her with falling asleep and being able to enjoy a full night’s rest.

I have to say I was a bit skeptic at first, still the other week, I finally got around to try for the very first time. Within two minutes of listening to the soothing voice of the lady doing this guided meditation, I was so relaxed that I knew I had to put my laptop away if I wanted to go to sleep and not having it fall to the ground.  Very eager to try it again, the following days after having settled in my bed I repeated the experience this time with headphones. I listened to all the of 10 mins of this particular meditation and found myself sleeping deep and without any trouble for the first time in years. What a beautiful gift it was.

I had been taking Melatonin for many years before and it was doing its thing without any problem, unfortunately those last few months it had been much less effective. So I went on trying sleeping teas of various kind without much success. I was about to resign myself to being an insomniac, even joking about it and telling anyone who wanted to listen “Sleep is overrated ;-), when I finally got introduced to this marvelous site I am sharing with you here.

I am so excited to give meditating a try that I am also going to register here just to see where it takes me. Isn’t fascinating how sometimes a simple conversation with a friend can bring about such a big change in one’s everyday life?

So dear friend just go ahead have a listen, and tell me what you think of it 🙂

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  1. Meditation is a wonderful thing for a lot of health problems too! We over think a lot of times…and I keep putting off meditating though I enjoy it…though sometimes I feel like I over think even how to meditate!! I’m glad you found it though 🙂 And as other does require discipline 😉


    1. At this moment in my life it feels like all the pieces of the puzzle are placing themselves together, Shree. Meditating or at least trying to learn how to, being more comfortable in my ” artist life”, living in the moment…it all seems to be better since I gave meditation a try 🙂


  2. Yeah, Anyes. Hope you are feeling refreshed after the restful sleep and meditation. I’m so glad to hear that you have found some peace. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


  3. Relaxation…whether through a guided mediation or learning to empty the mind and release/relax the muscles in the body is gift. I know when thoughts are racing through my head or my body is “tense” I won’t have an easy time falling to sleep or having a restful sleep. I’ve tried meditation a few times but never stick with it. Off to check out your links! Glad you’ve found something that works for you.


  4. meditation is a great exercise and can def be quite soothing…i have used it on and off for years…luckily i do not have much problem sleeping…but every once in a while i def too…particularly if i get over timed or over stressed…hope you have a good weekend…smiles.


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