16 comments on “Monday Musings

  1. Hi Anyes!! I’m back! LOL!

    Beautiful photo and yes! It is true. Our thoughts are definitely manifested in our lives. In fact some say we don’t even have to wait for 6 months because the energy vibrations of the world is becoming faster! We are reaping what we are sowing faster now!


      • Ooo..well..I *think* I do based on my reading books and listening to others speak. Hmm…you’ve given me a blog idea…have been running dry for a bit 😉

        The essence of it is that our thoughts like anything and everything else in this world is in the form of energy. Instead of being like magnets – where opposites attract, in this case like energy attract each other. When we put out the energies of our thoughts into the stream of energy out the in the Universe…well the Universe happily delivers to us 😉


  2. This reminds me … when I arrived to Victoria, BC … in 1989 … and all streets was edged with blooming cherry trees. Stunningly beautiful. I know this apple blossoms … I live in the county of cider making … but no blossoms yet *smile
    So beautiful with apple farms side by side with blooming trees … priceless view.


  3. ha if you get 6 months before that harvest comes due you are lucky…i imagine you will receive them maybe even today….our words and thoughts are that powerful for sure…have a wonderful monday…


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