Stars of Sunshine

It does not matter how many times I have seen this view I never get tired of it.

Tonight the clouds are rolling in and my head is starting to pound, I hope it’s not a migraine . Β I am staring at this photograph and trying to see if visual therapy works πŸ˜‰



  1. I know it’s really late..but I hope that the migraine did not hold of you! I love the sea…even though I can’t swim!
    I remember when I was in University and we’d sit on the beach, facing the sea…it would be night, no stars, no lights…..and to look out into what you knew to be the greatness of the sea and not being able to see a thing was awe inspiring (and a little frightening too!)


  2. True beautiful … I can never get tired of watching the ocean neither .. doesn’t matter if it’s calm or angry.
    You have caught the sparkle so fantastic in this photo. Hope you’re feeling better and that the migraine didn’t landed.


  3. Hopefully your meditation will work as well as the visualization. Hopefully the headache that came with the change in air pressure if more sinus than migraine. And I’m with you — I never tire of the view of the ocean when I’m near it. xo


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