Thankful Thursdays

Downtown Blossoms

I wanted to write of all the things I was thankful for, I promise I did and life happened. Even if I know deep inside, that everything will be fine,  it is a bit of a challenge right now to find the words I wanted to write. So instead I am choosing to share with you this photograph taken last Sunday in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Reminding me that Spring is back and it makes the city look so pretty this time of year.

Wishing you dear friend a gratitude filled Thursday. May I also tell you that I’d love it very much if you shared with me what you are thankful for today 🙂


  1. today, I was grateful for sunshine. this evening, a friend who visited and chatted with me for more than two hours. and tonight, pain small enough to be able to sit here and visit blogger friends.
    I’m amazed that you have tree blossoms before we do in Indiana! thanks for sharing such beauty!


  2. Oh…I do want to experience cherry blossoms!! 🙂
    It’s Saturday here but what I am grateful for would be:
    1. That I have a job that is helping me learn about compassion AND gives me a few days off in a week (not sure if this is going to change, but change is good if it happens 😉 )
    2. That I have a sister that supports me and that we have a pretty okay relationship!
    3. That I am breathing ! hehe
    4. That it’s Sunday tomorrow and I’ll be enjoying my Mandala class! Yay!


  3. Thank you so much for the gift of ephemeral beauty you have given us today. I am thankful for so many things – starting with every breath I take and the senses to enjoy the beauty around me. I do hope (so much) that your life become less fraught very soon.


  4. I long to see trees like that here in Toronto…I know it’s coming but it’s slow. I’m thankful that I’m wise enough to know when to stop and I’m thankful that I have people around me who care when I’m down and need a hand to lift me up.


  5. I just got back from New York City
    I am so glad to see that Vancouver has become spring and the weather was warm
    I am so thankful we live in such a beautiful place
    Have a lovely Thursday


  6. Wow, this is what I arrived to in 1989 … when I arrived to Canada to work. I hope that you will feel better soon and that you will find your way back to us … but no rush – we can only take on step at the time. It will take weeks before our cherry tree will bloom in our backyard. Thanks for bringing the spring to me.


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