The perfect balance

Balancing act

Discipline is just choosing between what you want now
and what you want most.

β€” Unknown

Looking at the artist that was balancing those rocks the other day at the beach, it dawned on me that he must have spent hundreds of hour trying to perfect the way to balance each and every one of them. There must have been time when he did not feel like it. However the discipline he possessed allowed him to go at it time and time again, day in and day out, regardless of how frustrated he might have felt sometimes.

When I think back to what I want the most versus what I want now, I am able to pin point the areas I need to improve on. With this in mind I am looking to find the balance between my life’s mundane demands and my inner most desires. Being disciplined about it all is going to be in the end what is going to bring the result I am expecting.

Tell me dear friend do you see yourself as the disciplined type or more of the happy-go-lucky kind of person?



  1. I was very disciplined while teaching. Since I retired, I wouldn’t call me happy go lucky, but I certainly go with the flow. I certainly need to be more disciplined in my walking, mostly for health reasons.
    I admire the person who do this rock sculpture, it’s fascinating.


    1. Teachers have to be disciplined, Nonnie and I can see that being retired now is allowing you to take it a bit easier.
      The artist that was doing the balancing of the rocks was such an interesting individual, I really enjoyed seeing him “whisper to the rocks”


  2. Perfect post for me, Anyes. I am trying to be more disciplined. I am setting daily goals of what i would like to accomplish every day. Care to join me? {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


    1. I would certainly love to join you Kozo. I can sure you daily goal settings especially when it comes to finding the way to integrate “the artist side” of me and what it entails within the “regular” side of my life. Any ideas?, I’d love to brainstorm πŸ™‚


      1. I’m just setting one small daily goal for my “artist side.” I’m going to try to accomplish this goal no matter what the “regular” side demands. Yesterday, I set the goal to finish a post, and even though I had a lot of “regular” stuff to do, I made time to finish the post. Today, I want to write out one more page/section of my non-fiction book. Baby steps, but still steps nonetheless.
        Let me know if you have any suggestions. {{{hugs}}} Kozo


  3. Oh – I’m definitely the ‘disciplined’ type…but slowly learning to go with the flow and ‘balance’. What amazing rock formation/sculptures.


  4. smiles…these rocks are pretty cool to find out in nature…where people have stopped to build them…balance and discipline are in every area of our lives….when we get outside of those two things, chaos reigns


  5. Great thoughts provoked by watching an artist at work — and the work is all about balance and discipline! I am disciplined but want to be happy go lucky…and therein lies my struggle…trying to find the delicate balance between the two. xo


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