1. Hmmm…well, I do tend to always see the good in most all things. It’s kinda weird, but it’s there. Though at the same time, I also see the clouds and don’t really get shocked by it..can one be both???


  2. My partner tells me that pessimists are never disappointed – they can only be pleasantly surprised. I am a fence sitter. I hope for the best always, while expecting and planning for the worse. An optomistic pessimist? A pessimistic optomist? One of those.


  3. I’m so much of an optimist that I’ve known people to call me Pollyanna…I choose to see this life as half full to very full…I don’t understand pessimism but I can also be a realist…so I’m the ultimate Pollyanna with a dash of realism thrown into the mix — makes life just that bit “spicier”!


  4. Oh I’m definitely with you, an eternal optimist. I don’t give attention to the darkness and negativity. If I can do nothing else for this world, I can at least put out a little positive energy. Imagine what the world would be like if we all committed to giving out positive energy? How simple it is.


  5. i take life on its terms. do what is in front of me. hope for the best. laugh a lot. surround myself with friends. perhaps, this makes me a middle-of-the-roadie.


  6. I am just like you…I choose to focus on the good. Even though I know the dark side exists, I would rather keep my energy whole than waste it needlessly with worrying.


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