Views of my world on a rainy day

Mist on the hills

The light is always grey and the clouds are low yet I find it calm and peaceful on this April evening

Lights in the Rain

On that rainy evening my camera helped me see magic lights right ahead and I followed them right to my friend’s house 😉

Puddle Beauty

Don’t you love how a few drops of rain, I mean a deluge of water, makes the world around you so beautiful? I guess it’s no surprise I love living here in Vancouver, with an average of 161 rainy days a year. The way I look at it, it keeps everything green and clean

Do you love the weather in your neck of the woods, dear friend? why? why not?



  1. I would like more rain and less heat – but I love that we have four seasons and I really like the crisp clarity in three of them. And mist always adds a soft beauty to the day.
    Gorgeous photos and quotes – as always. Thank you.


      1. Lol, yes, Vancouver rain has probably ruined thousands of boots per season. Sorry to hear your boots couldn’t escape. There’s a great cobbler near Olympic Village skytrain station “The Quick Cobbler”. If those boots are special to you, you may want to bring them down and see if he can save them


  2. Yes, I like our 4 seasons …. this winter has been very funny … on and off all the time, it raining here too, maybe not so much as in Vancouver – quite a while since we had rain .. and I hope the Spring will be pleasant with just the right amount of rain for nature to … flourish. I can feel very comfortable with rain .. and I love the soft summer rains when … when the rain is warm and so soft. I love the rain in autumns when it is time to lite candles and crawl up with a some good movies for a couple of hours. I love the snowflakes .. I love the winter storms. I love the winter sun … I love the no dark summer nights …


      1. How boring if we didn’t have the seasons – nothing to hate and nothing to look forward to. Like the spring .. the first snow … I would really struggle to live where it’s constant sunny and warm .. or it rains like mad.


  3. Yes I like seasonal changes, but right now I’m heartily glad winter is over! It was too long this year!


  4. I never really mind the rain. I suppose because it isn’t something we’re deluged with days upon days, weeks upon weeks, so that when it does come I have an appreciation for it and I often welcome it…I love watching it, listening to it, sometimes even being out in it. So I would say that yes, I like the weather where I live…I’m not as fond of the snow as I was when I was a child, but even that doesn’t last forever. Have a wonderful Monday Anyes!


  5. I love the rain…when it comes with strong winds and I’m safe at home and able to enjoy it 🙂
    I’m not liking the weather where I am right’s so hot and humid ..too hot these days :/


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