Just for fun

A gondola in Venice

I have always wondered what this gondolier was pointing too, when I took his photograph last Summer

Any chance you want to play in giving me your wildest guesses dear friend? Just for fun and because it’s already Wednesday 😉

April 10th 10:30PM: I am so grateful to you all of for your willingness to play with me here, as this week is crazy busy I want to let you know I will answer all your comments and come to visit sometimes this week-end 🙂



  1. I want to say that he’s telling them a story as he ferries the kids to school. And in that story one of the characters asks another to look far beyond into the horizon as a great big noble dragon comes flying in…..that’s where he is pointing to..hehe.

    The little boy on the side of the boat is still looking at the water, that’s the part of the story when the water elementals had called on for the dragon to come help them in their war against the evil enemies…he’s looking to see if he can see the water elves soldiers..hehe


  2. Beautiful photo … never been to Venice – I also think it has to do with the children in the gondola .. but they don’t seem very interest – a carousel maybe or fun ride.


  3. because it is already wednesday, i noticed that only one little boy seems interested in whatever it is the gondolier is pointing out. for fun, i am wondering what the little boy was looking at in the water!


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